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These ideas will definitely give your bathroom a more charming look. You can always use your imagination to personalize it the way you like.Almost every single one of us enjoy the little time we get to spend in the bathroom. Our bath space is a means of relaxing and calming ourselves. Even if we were to go to a nice hotel, we tend to check the bathroom first. So, why not make this space more charming. That way we will be able to enjoy our free time in the best way possible. Here are some tips that can make the bath area more enchanting.

Bath tub

Many of us tend to have our bath tub fixed to the wall, rectangular shapes, covered in tiles. That might not be very beautiful. If you want to go for a more natural look, you can select a cement bath tub. Going for a more oval shape will make it look really pleasant. Don’t attach it to the wall. Keep a small distance from the wall. That will make it look even relaxing. You can carve a small shelve into the wall itself. Use this to keep some small plants or to light up some scented candles. Even the thought of it sounds very relaxing doesn’t it?. If you have shower as well, make sure you separate one another using shower screens Melbourne. That way the water from the shower will not be splashed across the tub.


Having a separate area for a shower is a great idea. You can have a small bench or a step underneath it. It might come useful. Also, use frameless shower screens to separate the area. It will give a modern touch. There are different varieties of screens that you can choose from. Go with whatever you desire. Also, make sure you use some darker tiles or a darker tone of cement in this area. This will avoid the stains from being more visible.

Other objects

This includes the items that you can use to decorate this space. If you are a nature lover, use some beautiful potted plants. But make sure they don’t grow much. You can also use candles to light up the space. To avoid spilled water, you can have small rugs or carpets outside the tub and the shower cubicle. Also, have a small rack to hang the towels nearby. Include some floating shelves to place the shampoos, lotions and all.

Ways To Make Your Bath Area More Charming

Ways To Make Your Bath Area More Charming

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