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Gardens are truly the heart of a home. They are so pretty when designed well and could be a place you find solace in. If you own a garden at home or you wish to make one then there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Geometry is your best friend

Gardens look best where there is a sense of order to them. This is generally achieved through using geometrical lines and shapes. You do not have to go for a full Persian backyard design but you can use straight lines and shapes to give your backyard a bit of dramatic flair.

Grow a few plants in clusters

When you are growing plants, try to grow a few in clusters. This is mostly done with flowering plants where a selected few are grown in huge clusters. Furthermore you can have clusters of flowers that have contrasting colours a bit spaced apart to make it bolder. Contrasting colours work wonders to make a garden look interesting. If you pair golden yellow flowers with deep purple ones, then the yellow would seem golden, while the purples would looker even deeper and majestic.

Use Trees to add flair

Trees are huge and they have a lot of character and history so incorporate them well in your garden. An Apple tree would not only look beautiful in a backyard, it also provides shade and fruits that you can enjoy. The lovely red of the fruits can be used as a statement in your garden. Plant Bushes and shrubs that complement the tree and protect it from intruders who might want a taste of the delicious fruits they bear. Chamomiles, Daffodils, Hyssops and even Marigolds look beautiful underneath and around apple trees. They also enrich the soil and deter away pests. So when you are getting involved in garden landscaping, try to find out what the trees in your backyard are and use them to make your garden look wonderful.

Use Trailing Plants or climbers to hide unsightly walls

When you are landscaping, if you have a wall in your garden that you don’t like or you find too boring you could grow a trailing plant or a climber to make it blend in with the foliage and even give it some beauty. You can grow climbing Roses or Ivy to make your backyard look elegant. You could even grow Clematis to give it a bit of boldness. Link here https://watersavelandscaping.com.au/landscaper-essendon/ offer a great quality of landscaping service that will give a best results.

So pay heed to the above when designing your garden. It would look beautiful and be one that you and your family can make wonderful memories in.

Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Your Garden

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