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Febreze is one of the most widely-known fabric fresheners for many years. Many people use it in various ways inside their home. Truly, families trust the product because of its effectivity. The fabric softeners that are available today work by settling on the surface underneath. But this is not the case of Febreze. Indeed, it can penetrate in the cloth and remove the foul odor out of it. As such, it leads to a fabric without the odor of diaper, tobacco, sweat, and others. Sometimes, the odor is still present no matter how hard you wash the clothes. That is where Febreze comes into the picture.

Febreze features the use of fragrance, water, odor eliminator, non-flammable, and natural propellant ingredients. On the other hand, it contains various chemicals which can be harmful to people who have sensitive body conditions. The examples of which are Cyclodextrin, hydrogenated oils, and Polyacrylate. Meanwhile, you can create your own Febreze with the use of natural ingredients which is available inside the home. Read the resources below to know more about it:

Essential Oils With Witch Hazel

One can have his own Febreze with the use of essential oils like the lemongrass, citronella, melaleuca, rosemary cineol, lavandin, and myrtle. With this, the smell of the clothes will be neutralized. As such, one can save time in dry cleaners Elwood the family’s clothes.

To make this spray, find some distilled water and witch hazel which is popular for being an astringent compound. Next, prepare a clean spray bottle that has a nozzle. Try to use the old bottles inside the house to save some resources.

Then, combine the distilled water with the witch hazel inside the spray bottle for the best clothing alterations in Abbotsford. Thereafter, put 20 drops of the essential oils. Now, combine all the ingredients accordingly until you can have the homemade Febreze.

Essential Oils Plus Baking Soda

Another recipe is through the use of baking soda and essential oils. Baking soda is helpful in eliminating the foul smell inside the home. Meanwhile, the essential oils can remove the bacteria that cause bad odors. To do this, combine the warm water, baking soda, and essential oils in a clean jar. You can use the lavender, lemongrass, cinnamon bark, tea tree, and oregano. Cover the container and store it in a safe place. In sum, all of the ingredients mentioned are natural and eco-friendly. Surely, this can contribute to deodorizing the clothes inside your home.

Homemade Febreze Using Natural And Eco-Friendly Ingredients

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